Enagic Dual Pre-Filter System

INSTALLATION: To install this prefiltration system, you need to cut your water supply hose in two, then connect the two ends to the inlets of the prefilter base.



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The Enagic Dual Pre-Filter System (DPS) 
Customize your filtration based upon what your own source water needs.
ORANGE FILTER- Acid Neutralizer
This filter neutralizes acidic or low pH water (well water).
PURPLE FILTER- Lead & Sediment
This is a triple sediment, taste and odor controlling, lead removal filter, which removes dirt from your water while controlling lime and scale deposits on your valuable equipment.
BLUE FILTER- Grit & Dirt
This filter removes grit and dirt from the water while controlling lime and scale deposits.
This Ion Exchange filter softens water by removing up to 677 grains of hardness from the source water.
BLACK FILTER - Chloramine
Carbon Chloramine Reduction Filter reduces chloramines by up to 99%! It also removes bad taste and odors caused by chloramines.
GRAY FILTER- Fluoride Reduction
This filter reduces fluorides, arsenic and selenium which are sometimes found in drinking waters.